At the tiniest of spectrum, it is easy to get confused between sound editing and sound mixing. Many mistake sounds mixing to a fundamental part of sound editing. Which is not quite true. In very simple terms sound editing is the process of collecting the required sounds of an audio or video file and then comes in sound mixing when all the pre-production is said and done. Sound editing often goes hand in hand with the term sound effect editing. The latter is perhaps more accurate than the former. At the time of shooting scenes, the focus is majorly on getting every part of the dialogue and staging is as an accurately as possible. The sound editors then curb the noise distractions and put in effects that complement the actual audio content. The sound that is being in certainly needs to be ambient and pleasing. A huge of replacement works goes into it before the editor finally comes up with the right and final soundtrack if we take the example of a song which is purely an audio content.

What is sound mixing then and why the smallest errors in both the steps can lead to bigger disasters

Sound mixing happens after pre-production. That’s right it is one of the most crucial steps of post-production. In fact, creators who ignore sound editing and just sound mix or vice versa are greatly mistake. And they pay the price in terms of their content getting harshly criticized later. The most important milestone is to blend the dialogue seamlessly with the recorded sound for content like music videos. This is either done by taking the train and putting it in such a way that it seems distant or adding reverberation to create atmosphere of say tension or suspense.

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