The Best Travelers Watch: Rolex GMT-Master

Introduced at the dawn of the jet age, the Rolex GMT-Master has ended up being an enduring icon of a time when traveling was both more attractive, as well as more daring. This most vivid of Rolexes, transcended its aviation starts, as well as has been used by astronauts, a famous TV detective, test pilots, a Bond woman, as well as a car company chairman. Possibly more than its more well-known sibling, the Submariner, the GMT-Master ideally represents what Rolex is understood for, resilience and versatility. Also, though the GMT-Master has been completely updated, as well as improved in the last few years, the old original still holds a more specialized area in the hearts of the Rolex faithful.

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July 1954. The Boeing 707 traveler jet makes its first flight, as well as releases the jet age. Overnight, literally, prosperous tourists have the ability to go across time zones in plain hours where it used to take days by the old steamship setting of transportation. The globe’s biggest global airline company, Pan American, took the possibility and became Boeing’s first client for the 707, purchasing 20 of the new jets for transatlantic usage. That same year, Rolex, at the request of Pan American, released its new GMT-Master, referral 6542, a watch that might concurrently track 2-time areas, a crucial feature for long-haul pilots.

The early ’50s were a landmark for Rolex. In 1953, the Oyster Perpetual was worn on the first expedition to the top of Everest as well as later on that year, the globe’s initial purpose-built dive watch, the Submariner, debuted. A couple of years later on, an engineer’s anti-magnetic watch, the Milgauss was presented. The brand, which had pioneered the “waterproof” watch with its Oyster case and screw-down crown, now had discovered its stride, as well as its niche building sturdy look for certain uses, what we now call “device watches.” The GMT-Master was no exception, as well as unlike the Oyster Perpetual, the Submariner, and the Milgauss, this one had an issue.