Some Tips For Protecting Your Car

Specific drivers suffer when leaving their car outdoors or “sleeping” in the open; this concern is genuine, the car is exposed to the sun, bird droppings, plant saps, acid rain, and hailstorms; it’s all part of the nightmare of all drivers who cannot park in covered spaces. Search for car roof umbrella (ร่มติดหลังคารถ which is the term in Thai)

Exposing the vehicle to the sun causes severe damage to the car and even to the driver, as the temperature inside the vehicle can reach 70 °C. In addition to damaging the paintwork, the sun damages the vehicle’s interior, such as seats, plastic parts, carpets, handles, bumpers, and the panel that tends to dry out.

An excellent protective cover can be a very effective alternative to protect the car’s paintwork. However, the driver must pay attention to some precautions and choose well before buying. Otherwise, you will spend money for nothing, and it could backfire, or that is, instead of protecting the car, the cover may stain the car’s bodywork. An important tip, the cover should not be put on if the inside is wet or if the car engine is hot. The material is waterproof, so water does not penetrate and, in case of misuse, it also does not let moisture out, causing stains.

Five Tips To Protect Your Car:

  • Use Tarpaulin, and they are designed to absorb heat and reduce the vehicle’s internal temperature;
  • Polish the car with products that prevent the paint from drying out;
  • Films help to reduce the vehicle’s internal temperature;
  • Attention with leather seats; they usually absorb more heat and can cause damage.
  • Use protective car covers, and you will be safe from scratches and dust accumulation.

Beware Of Benzene!

A car parked in the shade during the day can contain 400/800mg of Benzene. If the car is parked in the sun with a temperature above 16 degrees, the benzene level could rise to 2000/4000mg, almost 40 times more than acceptable.

Benzene is used in the manufacture of plastic, in the glues inside the vehicle, and can cause cancer, weaken bones, cause anemia, reduce white blood cells, and cause leukemia. An important tip, when you get into the car, it is essential to open the windows and leave them for another 2 minutes, so the Benzene is expelled from the car. Search for car roof umbrella (ร่มหลังคารถยนต์ which is the term in Thai)