Six Things to Know Before Renting a Boat

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Many people are looking forward to their holiday or vacation once lockdown measures ease, and many of them want to experience the great outdoors again. But before you schedule your next hiking or camping trip, why not consider going on a boat trip?

A boat cruise along the river to catch fish or even to swim can help many coastal cities recover from the economic effects of the global pandemic. Restaurants, bars, and even boat rental shops can open as long as they follow social distancing and hygiene measures.

In many coastal cities, boat rental rates are now affordable, so a boat trip can be an excellent option for a weekend ride. Some are even offering halibut fishing trips like those in Alaska. But before you start renting a boat, you need to do the following things to make sure you’ll stay safe and dry.

Get protected from the sun

Always use sun protection when going outdoors. Keep in mind that the sun emits powerful rays that can damage your skin and speed up aging. So always carry sunscreen, hats, and other portable covers that can give you protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

Read the rental agreements

Read the boat rental agreements before you sign the paperwork. Some rental agreements state the limit of the distance that you can travel from the boat dock. Always remember that several rental operators require the boats to be returned before nightfall. You’re likely also going to pay for any damages in its propeller or the captain seat if they are found to be damaged after use. 

Know the rental boat insurance

You should know the rental company’s coverage if something gets damaged. The liability coverage is outlined in the boat rental agreement. You should also accept that anything that happens to the boat is your responsibility.

Conduct a rental check 

Do a thorough check before renting the boat, and show any damage to the boat before you rent it. Keep an eye out for any issues with the boat and put it in writing before you rent it. Nobody wants to get accused of causing any damage and pay for it. List all the damages that you see before you sign the agreement. 

Check the safety equipment

All boat rentals should have a safety kit on board. Ensure that you know where it’s safely stashed before you leave on a trip. You can also ask the rental boat operator to give you a tour of the boat. Check for life vests, flares, flashlights, and even first aid kits in case someone is injured.

You should also make sure that the boat is enough for the number of people who will join you. Social distancing requires people to stay at least a meter apart, so your boat should be big enough for the number of people who will join you.


Experiencing the great outdoors after a long time inside your own home can feel like a liberation, but we should all remember to follow all safety measures. This way, we can stay safe whether we are on land or water.


Title: Things You Need to Know When Renting a Boat

Description: You want to go on a boat and experience the great outdoors. But do you know what’s required of you before you can rent one?