It Is Time to Customize the Workouts

At the end of a session, the most common concern among gamers is why their players lose stars. When your team emerged as top seven in the league, your status gained manager level and promoted to the next league level. The rivals in the next level are more skilful and resourceful. This game is a football manager simulation sport designed by Nordeus published in 2010May. You can download the app from Google and App Store and play it on Facebook and in android and iPhone. 

All Levers in Your Hand

In Top Eleven as the manager, you have all the levers in your hand to train the team. Create small clubs and lead them to become world-renowned. The game features are closely similar to football coaching and management. The more you train the players, the more they develop skill and stamina. You can plan the training sessions and emphasize strengthening the special attributes of players by incorporating appropriate workouts in the sessions. Assign training sessions to individual players or groups of players. There are three types of exercises for players; training for the attack, defense and mental and physical endurance. Each workout is designed to improve certain skills; a combination of exercises can improve overall resilience and skill. 

Your team will receive supplementary bonuses for regular vigorous workouts; otherwise, the bonuses will plunge by 2%. The Top Eleven Hack can give free tokens, morale boosters, and premium players. With these additional advantages, your team`s winning potential increases significantly. 

Prone To Injury

Football players are prone to injury during practice sessions or in real matches. Providing apt treatment is essential to heal injured players. The profile of the injured player displays the severity of the injury and the time process required for a full recovery. If you want the player to participate in the next match, employ all available means to heal him. If you ignore the player’s injury, he will be out of matches for an indefinite period. 

Training Points

For every training session, you gain training points. Once you reach the required threshold, the training levels increase, and new training workouts are unlocked. The efficiency of previous training programs raise, the maximum l training level is ninety-one. They have tailor-made the workouts by mixing different exercises for a different faction of players. The defenders must be assigned defense oriented workouts to enhance their ability. Study each player’s special attributes and characteristics and assign exercises to augment their ability and rectify their shortcomings.