How To Store Your Caravan Between Adventures

Find out about the best ways to store your caravan between the amazing adventures you have in it.

When you own a caravan, it feels like so many places are within easy reach because you have a tiny house to tow wherever you please. The problem is, when the caravan is not being used it can take up so much space for very little return. This is where’s self storage storage is able to help you. For example, if you live in the capital then some London storage is essential. You can store your caravan for a reasonable monthly price, ensuring it remains in great condition and most importantly, ensuring it is safe.

You can’t just pop the caravan into the storage space though, if you want to get it out in great condition. There are just a few things you need to do first to store your caravan effectively between adventures:

Choose Self Storage Close To Home

The closer to your home the unit is, the easier it will be for you to visit and maintain your caravan. Somewhere within a 30 minute drive that doesn’t involve travel through a city is a really good location.

Clean The Outside Of The Caravan

The outside of the caravan needs a thorough clean before storage. Dirt and debris left on the external part of the caravan can lead to the material becoming corroded and damaged over time.

Ensure The Inside Of The Caravan Is As Dry As Possible

The inside of the caravan will require a good clean before storage, but most importantly it needs to be as dry as possible. Any residual moisture could cause all kinds of damage to your furnishings.

Choose Cheap Self Storage With Climate Control

Climate control is where the unit has the technology to have a set temperature of your choosing. This protects your caravan from the effects of extreme temperatures and prevents damp and mould which can destroy the materials inside a caravan.

Pick A Facility With Adequate Security

CCTV, lighting, gates, 24/7 reception and security guards are all great security additions a facility might have. The more security they have, the more protected your caravan is. Self storage facilities are in the business of keeping your items safe so they will be trying their hardest to showcase the security aspects of their business.

Remove Any Gas, Batteries Or Water

Drain any water from the caravan and remove any waste. You should also take the batteries and gas out of the caravan too, for optimum safety. These items may be open to degrading if you leave the caravan for a long time and are best kept in your garage or shed so you can ensure they are in good condition.

Placing a caravan in self storage means that you can enjoy the space on your drive without worrying about a large caravan being sat on it for weeks at a time. Using self storage also means our caravan will be safe, secure and totally ready for adventure next time you are ready to go and explore the country in the special way exclusive to caravan owners.