How do I choose the best commercial boiler for my business? 

Commercial boilers are a necessity for very many buildings today. When installed in the right way they may help improve the temperatures in a building. A malfunctioning or damaged boiler can be a threat to work progress in any building which is the reason you must be careful on the options you purchase. Since boiler problems are common especially without inspection, you have to hire the right team of commercial gas engineer London experts to help you set up the system. Discussed in the highlights below are some of the tips you should remember when looking to purchase a commercial boiler for your business. 

Type of boiler you want 

When assessing boiler options, there are two main types that you will find. The first type is called fire tube boiler uses water in a vessel and surrounded by combustion gases in tubes to work. It is much easier to install and also work with when compared to other options. Fire tube boilers are however ideal for supplying both steam and hot water but for large scale. The other option is the water tube boiler which is larger than the first option and also generates more heat. Its structure entails water in tubes and surrounded on its exterior by combustion gases. It is safe for large scale high temperature needs.


How much heat do you need for your building? This is determined by the size of commercial boiler you purchase for your enterprise. Big boilers have higher kilowatt output than small sized boilers. Even though bi commercial boilers are ideal for large buildings, they also use a lot of energy and could hike the energy bill expenses for the business. The small sized boilers are however ideal for small sized properties and are energy efficient however may not have the capability to provide the sufficient heat needed for large properties. 

Fuel used 

There are different types of boilers which mean the fuel options that can be used are several. Among the main fuel options for boilers include electricity, propane gas, natural gas, oil, solar energy, biomass and even hot water. Commercial boilers will most resort to oil, LPG or gas use which are the most efficient and budget friendly. Gas commercial boilers have the capability of serving you for more than 20 years which means value for your money. 

Installation process

You have to understand the features of your boiler of choice and ensure they align to your needs before you purchase it. You should however not purchase before you understand its installation process considering how complicated some might be. This is the reason you ought to consult with commercial boiler installation and maintenance experts to help you find the right boiler for your needs that will be easy to install. The location of your boiler in the property is also among other factors that determine the complexity of the installation process.