How can I make a PDF?

You may use the Acrobat PDF converter to convert Microsoft 365, text, and image files to PDF, including DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLS, PPTX, PPT, TXT, RTF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. You may also use any online browser to convert AI, INDD, and PSD files to PDF. Converting to PDF using Adobe tools preserves your document layout, graphics, and alignment, ensuring that your files look as anticipated on any Mac or Windows device.

For seven days, you can also sample Adobe Acrobat Pro for free to convert HTML to PDF, convert other formats such as GIF, edit PDFs, edit scans using OCR, combine PDFs, divide PDFs, decrease file size, manage file rights, and convert PDF files to other file types.

To convert files to PDF, what software do I need?

You don’t need any other software to convert a file to PDF when you utilize the Free PDF Converter online Converter tool. Simply launch our PDF converter in your choice browser, choose your file, and let Acrobat to convert it online. You can use the tool for free once.

Is converting files to PDF safe?

Yes. Adobe is well-known for its dedication to security and privacy, so you may convert files to PDF with confidence.

What devices are available for PDF conversion?

You may use the Acrobat Convert to PDF online tool to convert a file to PDF from any device, including your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. You only need a browser and an Internet connection.

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Encrypted data

We are concerned about the privacy of your data. All of your files are encrypted with 256-bit SSL, ensuring the security of your files, documents, and data. We will also not provide or share any of your information with third parties.

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Our free file converter is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. As a result, you may convert files to PDF from any operating system or device as long as you have an Internet connection.