HONOR 20 Evaluation

HONOR 20 is the latest product launched by HONOR Digital Series in 2019. Every year’s Digital Series is the signature product of HONOR mobile phones. Competition among major brands of smart phones is getting fiercer. The competition is from initial configuration to the cutting-edge technologies.

No matter how many “black technologies” are used and how many flowery words are used, mobile phones are still mobile phones. It is the most important thing to be recognized and supported by users!

The front of this mobile phone is designed with a full video screen. It has a 6.26-inch FHD + Phantom Eye screen. It hides the camera under the screen. The position of the camera under the screen is on the left side of the signal bar.

HONOR 20 has the smallest proactive perforation area. It makes its screen proportion as high as 91.7%. You can get immersive full screen experience.

It has the design with narrow border and high screen proportion. Even if the screen size is 6.26 inches, the experience is comfortable, light.

On the back of it is a design using dreamland texture layer. This design uses more precise machining moulds. This is to produce effect diaphragms. It is distinctive in appearance. Its style is good-looking.

The UV transfer formed diaphragm is carried out through this high-precision mould. Each nano-level texture can become more three dimensional and sharp. When light sweeps through the “nano Ming Rui texture” on these diaphragms, the three-dimensional nano texture can make the light reflect neatly. Let the back of the whole mobile phone look amazing.

The side of HONOR 20 adopts a metal middle frame with the same colour as the light pattern on the back. The left side of the frame is designed with a power key and a volume key. This smart phone adopts an integrated design of side power keys. It adopts traditional fingerprint identification. When people hold the mobile phone in their hands, their thumb will touch the side frame of the mobile phone. The combination of the fingerprint unlocking key and the side power key makes the fingerprint unlocking convenient. The moment you take out your mobile phone, it will be unlocked.

Fingerprint key design is considerate. It adopts concave design. This conforms to ergonomics. It conforms to the curved surface of the thumb belly of the human body. When there is a drop, it can reduce the direct impact on the key. There is no design of fingerprint keys on the front and back sides. This ensures the integrity and simplicity of the whole machine.

The unlocking of this smart phone supports double unlocking of face unlocking and fingerprint identification. It supports anti-eye closure identification. Unlocking with eyes closed makes mobile phone information safer.

A good-looking and easy-to-use smart phone is worth buying.