Follow Safety Standards before Using a Separate Bed for your Baby

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Are you confident about the nature of bedding you have chosen for your baby? New parents are really worried concerning the safe and comfortable sleep. It is nature of newborns to feel comfort when you are around them. It is better to let them sleep in your lap and place them into bassinet or cradle to develop a habit of sleeping separately. It is necessary to provide the highly secured bed and comfortable comforter. Babyshop is a reliable place to choose comforter and premium quality bedding. Receive Babyshop discount code to make newborn nursery shopping enjoyable.

Precautionary Measures Concerning the Use of Crib & Accessories

From the very first day, you can keep the newborn in the crib. You must follow precautionary measures before using a crib.

  • Crib Selection

Instead of selecting a cradle, usually parents take a crib as it is portable and consumes less space. Choose a crib that does not contain decorative cutouts on headboards or footboards side. The bars of crib must have less than 2 inch space. Moreover the rail must be more than 26 inches high from the crib’s mattress. The mattress of crib ought to be breathable and brand new so the baby cannot bear the pain. A firm mattress is best as it will never get saggy when the baby is laying on it. Mention babyshop discount code to order the quality mattress to make the sleep time peaceful.

  • Keep the Harmful Items Away from the Crib

Put away the stuffed toys and loose covers from the crib. For sound sleep, parents keep wedges around the baby. These are harmful and cause suffocation. It is better to let your dear one to sleep on a cozy flat mattress.

  • Instead of Blanket, Use Sleeping Bags

While placing baby in the crib, parents prefer to cover them with furry blankets. Do not even think of using a blanket until your baby has passed the first 12 months. Babies, under one year of age can move their faces under the blanket and get suffocated or overheated. Consider baby sleeping bags as the most secure comforter. You can select sleeping bags having a variety of weights to cover different seasons.

  • Pillows

As far as pillows are concerned, kids do not even bother to have a pillow. After passing the first two years, you can give them thin yet comfy pillows.

  • Comforter

A comforter for newborn must be small in size and light in weight. It can be similar to a quilt but should not fulfill insulation standards of a comforter. Infants can use comforter but the covers must be tightly fitted.

For baby bedding, prefer to order the washable and breathable cotton sheets that are non-allergic as well. When your child celebrates the third birthday, make some investment for new bedding. Now you can put cozy cushions and stuffed toys so your child enjoys the change. Refer babyshop discount code to order the latest and style statement nursery furniture and accessories on great markdown.