Disruptive Innovation Models An Example Of The Hybrid Teaching Model

Another way to implement hybrid teaching like tutoring toefl (ติว toefl which is the term in Thai) is through hybrid models of disruptive innovation, which break away from the traditional classroom concept. They do not depend on a traditional program to function and arise due to unmet demand from disciplines. They are more robust programs that change the way we think about education innovation.

Flex Model

In the Flex model, online learning is the main form of study, with occasional offline tasks. The class schedule is highly personalized and fluid.

Students mostly learn in a physical school, except for homework. In addition, the teacher flexibly provides face-to-face support as needed through activities such as small group instruction, group projects, and one-on-one lessons. The Flex model is quite flexible, and some implementations involve more daily face-to-face support while other models tend to be more digital, offering support for learning enrichment.

À La Carte Model

The à la Carte model offers courses entirely online and complementary to support other learning experiences at school.

This model has a teacher available online, and the subject in question can be taken on the school campus or at the student’s home. It is essential to differentiate the à La Carte model for distance learning. In the à La Carte model, only elective or complementary courses are offered online, keeping the introductory courses in face-to-face mode.

Enriched Virtual Model

Model through which students have mandatory face-to-face learning sessions with the teacher, later free to complete the learning remotely. Learning takes place mainly with online content; however, there is support insight of the teacher.


Change doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a process. Adopting and adapting new strategic teaching and learning takes time and needs a lot of focus and constant evolution. This essential guide to hybrid teaching aims to generate new ideas and possibilities to spark your constructive mindset and remind you that you are not alone on this journey.