Cheap Common Company Seal in Singapore

Company Seals it is important for every company to have a pocket size company seal which can easily be assembled and dissembled. Company or common seal are official documents which are in form of a print. These include logos, official addresses any other text that may be used to identify a company. The company seals are more authentic than the ink stamps.

The ink stamp is somehow outdated since they can be forged and be used to get access to the important documents of a company since they can be used to mislead the target audiences or the stakeholders of a given company. It is therefore important to ensure that your company is able to be identified by the seals. Companies can have the privilege of using the seals in different platforms. For instance, when designing certificates for different people within the company, say the certificate of participation, the seals can be used to authorize the document.

Additionally, the seals can be used when making agreements between companies in the cooperate world. This becomes the seal of an agreement which makes each party to respond as expected during the agreement. Good seals guarantee credibility. To know more about the seals, check on

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Company Seal Size

The seals can be found in different sizes as they may be needed by the client. For instance, there are the pocket size seals and the relatively large seals. It is, however, important to take a relatively small sized one like the pocket size which can be portable. It should as well be light in weight, approximately 370g. Price Companies vary in size and profitability. This means that not all companies should spend the same amount on buying them.

However, care should be taken so that as a buyer you do not end up buying a fake product simply because it is cheap. If you buy an original seal, you are guaranteed a wide lifespan so that you do not end up buying it repeatedly Shape and font type Seals exist in different shapes depending on the nature of every firm. The common shapes are round once but there is always a provision for the square and rectangular shapes. This fully depends on the preference which varies with different people. If possible, the font types to be used should be the smooth ones which may not end up making the platform of printing delicate.


it is the choice of a client to choose what is favorable to them. Unique companies should be keen to have with them what exactly they want in terms of colour. With the end product in mind, it is possible to end up which a seal which can be unique for your own firm. However, it is still possible especially for the new companies which do not yet have a seal to check through the assemble seals in the Kiasu Print so that they can choose from the varied samples. From then, it becomes possible to maintain the chosen design.