Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment In TCM

Cardiovascular diseases have grown on to become the leading cause of death and life threatening complications among men and women all over the world. All of the diseases that a growing number of people experience, most of them were completely unheard of a few decades back.The increase in number of cardiovascular system disordersis largely due to the change in lifestyle and the increasingly fast human life. The primary causes of cardiovascular disease are atherosclerosis and/orhypertension. The disease usually affects people above 45yrs of age but the antecedents of cardiovascular diseases start much early.

The diseases that most commonly affect the cardiovascular system are coronary heart diseases, cardiomyopathy, hypertensive heart diseases, inflammatory heart diseases etc. A large number of manually controllable risk factors exist for occurrence of heart disease like high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, tobacco smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, sugar consumption, obesity, lack of physical activity, and diabetes.

The treatment to most of the cardiovascular diseases and conditions is through invasive surgery. Doctors do give drugs to control and improve the condition but most of these drugs offer only a partial help. They control one of the contributing factors. However, most of the cardiovascular diseases can be prevented in the first instance or can be controlled during the initial years of onset. Simple changes that improve the lifestyle like healthy eating, regular exercise and avoiding tobacco drastically reduce ones risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. Other risk factors are modifiable by lifestyle change, drug treatment or social change.

One of the key developments that can help keep the cardiovascular conditions at bay is by building cardiovascular endurance. It basically works by strengthening the heart muscles and potentially adding years to life. Another important reason for cardiovascular endurance is that the heart controls the oxygen flow to all the muscles, therefore a stronger beating heart means more oxygen supply to the body parts which in turn results into a healthier body. Like the other muscle groups the heart also needs regular exercises. It is considerably easy to build cardiovascular endurance. 15-20 mins of high intensity work out is all that it takes to keep your heart healthy. Recommend: You can visit TCM Clinic Online to use their TCM symptom checker

At a time when western system of medicine has failed to provide any tangible solution, a ray of hope has come in the form of ancient Chinese medicine, Safbrain. Safbrain herbal medicinehas proven to be extremely effective in treating the common lifestyle related diseases of cardiovascular system. The medication is a herbal product of numerous ingredients, of which the main ones are red-rooted salvia, Ligusticum walichii, herbaceous peony, kudzu vine, false saffron, aromatic turmeric, oriental plantain, Chinese wolfberry, wild jujube, and polygala root.The active herbs; each having their own unique action. The greatest advantage of this medicine is that this can be taken for as long as required. The medicine acts by reducing blood sugar and blood pressure, softening blood vessels and promoting microcirculations. In addition to this the drug showed results of increased blood circulation. These activities help in building and improving cardiovascular endurance thereby reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

Time has come to free yourself of the lifestyle related diseases. Ask your doctor for Safbrain.

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