Arabic necklace gold: what to know before buying the perfect fit necklace?

If you are a tall person, any size can suit you, although we recommend not using the shorter ones. They could look exaggeratedly fair on your body. You are in luck if you are of medium size because they can all fit you well. And if you are rather short, those that are located at the clavicle or just below will favor you.

Don’t forget your neck

Golden chokers visually soften and shorten long and thin necks, which can flatter you if this is your neck type. On the other hand, if you have a short or wide neck, you should use larger measurements (50 cm) that lengthen and stylize it.

What is your body size?

Here we must bear in mind that if our body is bulky, we will have to avoid short measures. But if what you have bulky is the chest, you should not use measurements of more than 45 cm. In that case, the Arabic gold necklace or pendant could fall in the middle of the neckline and you probably won’t like it.

Face shape is important

When the face is oval, all measurements look good. If the face is round, avoid the choker and try to make the necklace V-shaped. This will make the face look more elongated. For long faces or those with a pointed chin, chokers are the best option as they soften the features.

Clothing must be classy

It is important to take into account what type of clothing you use the most or the type of garment that you will wear with the Arabic necklace for a special occasion. Every occasion is different. Jewelry should complement your outfit, and the outfit is usually chosen based on the occasion. Long necklaces are generally paired with high-necks, such as turtlenecks. Shorter chains tend to work best with formal attire, especially if the necklace is short enough to sit over the neckline or neck of the garment.

Very tight neck collars always look good with low-cut or off-the-shoulder garments. Arabic gold necklace goes well with almost anything. If you want to wear the pendant over a neck, the recommended measurement is 50 cm and up.


After all this information, we hope your doubts have been dispelled. Go online, select the best online jewelry store, and buy your Arabic jewelry gold necklace at affordable prices. Remember to see the quality mark. Ask if the seller offers 7 days exchange policy. Read the terms and conditions carefully.