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Cast and crew

Director-Akhil Paul, Anas Khan

Producer-Navis Xavier, Siju Mathew, Raju Malliath

Actor-Tovino Thomas

Actress-Mamtha Mohandas, Reba Monica John

Other characters-SrikanthMurali, RenjiPanickar, Prathappothan, Roney David, Saijukurup, Ramu, Anwar shereef, DhaneshAnand

Music director- Jakes Bejoy

Release date- 28th February 2020.

Forensic the movie  shows the missing cases of girl children who belong 5 years of the age group, and later they are found to be dead. Rithika (Mamta Mohandas) plays an IPS officer role, Investigates on the case. Rithika takes the case very seriously as her 5 years daughter was also kidnapped. She doesn’t know whether her daughter is alive or dead, later got divorced with SaijuKurup, Sam’s brother.

Sam (Tovino Thomas), and Shikha(Reba Monica) as forensic experts are included in the team to assist Rithika. Tovino draws his own conclusions which turn out to be true.


  • Forensic creates a sense of a thrill throughout the movie.
  • Anas Khan and Akhil Pau have done a dazzling outcome of the movie with stunning.
  • Cinematography and editing works.
  • Jakes Bejoy have done perfect music for a perfect crime thriller.
  • Mamta Mohandas maintained a fashionable look, nailed her performance to the core.
  • Tovino Thomas was apt to the character as a forensic investigator, stealing the show with his outstanding staging on the screen.
  • Reba Monica has portrayed her role very elegantly.
  • Other Characters-SrikanthMurali,RenjiPanickar, Prathappothan, Roney David, Saijukurup, Anwar shereef,dhaneshAnand have performed very well in their respective roles.
  • Amazing and Thrilling Combo Scenes of Tovino Thomas and MamthaMohandas have raised the bar for viewers watching the film.
  • Thrilling investigation Scenes of Tovino Thomas and Mamtha Mohandas were very interesting and the audience got involved.
  • Twists n turns delivered in an absolutely novel manner..
  • SaijuKurup who was Tovino’s brother handled the scenes beautifully.


Genre: Scientific Thriller

Duration: 133mins

Language: Telugu

Format: (streaming online video)

Where to Watch online: Aha OTT

Production values: Elevated

Background music: Extra ordinary

Cinematography: Spectacular


Psychopath represented his character as a serial killer dealing with young girls. Rithika takes the case as a challenge. Tovino the forensic expert scientifically deduced the movements of the killer correctly but the pattern of the killing or the evidence point to different targets, confusing the investigating team. The audience takes the amazing thriller interesting of the efforts of these investigators and the story binding the search for the murder and keeping the audience on the edge of the seats.

Bottom- line

A Sinister and a Mystery Ride Thriller with Game Changer film from Tovino Thomas, Mamthamohandas and Reba monica deserve appreciation and applause for their

Career Best Performances.

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