A measure to prevent fire: exhaust hood cleaning

Are you a restaurant owner, and you are tired of the grease that gets accumulated in your kitchen ducts? If financial freedom and flexible working hours are important for you, consider the exhaustive hood cleaning. Cooking causes a lot of grease accumulation because of the cooking oil, and it needs to be cleaned regularly, and it cannot be done without the help of a professional.

What is exhaustive hood cleaning?

If you get your restaurant’s kitchen ducts, hoods cleaned by professionals, it eliminates any fire hazards from all the possible places where the fire can start. In the process of exhaust hood cleaning, the areas around fire suppression systems along with all the fans, ducts, and hoods are involved. The hood cleaners need to take precautions based on the fire protection pros to prevent the caustic chemical from building in the place where the fire suppression link is situated.

 The professionals suggest that the fire suppression system techs should be called to thoroughly clean or replace the pipes from time to time in order to prevent the grease from formulating inside the pipes.

Technicians take proper precautions 

The cleaner of the hood makes sure the red-colored caps on the fire suppression nozzles are intact throughout the cleaning process and also after cleaning. The actual nozzles get filled up with grease if they are left hanging and end up clogging the nozzles. The blocked nozzles could cause a problem for the fire suppressers to be able to suppress the fire.

The use of proper chemical and machinery for the cleaning

The grease that gets accumulated inside the kitchen causes a danger of possible fire hazard, so special chemicals are used in order to clean the accumulated grease. Normal soap, water does not work efficiently in removing the grease from the kitchen ducts. The grease from the cooking oil gets accumulated in the whole kitchen over the fans, and ducts, and hoods, and they can’t be cleaned by the normal cooks or workers.

It needs to be done with the help of professionals who use proper tools and clean out the grease efficiently.

Quality hood cleaners

Finding good quality hood cleaners is very important as more than a thousand restaurants are lost to the fire every year, and we cannot afford ignorance in the exhaust hood cleaning process. A well-rated and good quality cleaner should be hired who takes the cleaning work with responsibility. Do not risk it for anything as it can take you towards destruction or can save you from it, so do not be ignorant in this case.


Getting the kitchen of your restaurant ensures hygiene as well as safety, and counting on a professional is advisable if you do not want to get into heavy losses. Hiring professionals that are well trained and of good quality is one major concern. The cleaners should ensure to use good quality chemicals and updated machinery for the duct and hood cleaning.