7 Tips To Help You Store Christmas Decorations Correctly

Tips, information and advice on storing Christmas decorations so that they remain in great condition until next Christmas.

Decorating the house for Christmas is a highlight for many of us. Putting some Christmas carols or songs on, getting some mince pies on the table, enjoying your first Christmas tipple. It is a memorable time and it really is a lot of fun that makes the time and money involved in getting all the decorations worth it.

However, nobody wants to buy new decorations every year, and in order to have great decorations to use every year we have to ensure they are packed and stored correctly in the 11 months they aren’t in use.

Here are 7 tips to help you pack your decorations effectively after Christmas:

  1. Ensure Material Items Are Dry And Clean

Christmas tablecloths, runners and blankets need washing and drying before storage. Any debris or stains on the material will deteriorate over time and may cause holes in the material by the time you get it back out a year later. Wash the items and make sure they are totally dry before placing them in a plastic box or bag.

  1. Store Wreaths In Boxes

Wreaths that are not fresh will of course be fine kept until next year, as long as they are able to keep their shape. You can hang wreaths but only if you know where they are hung they won’t get damaged. The best way to store a wreath is in its original box after you have given it a quick wipe and dry to remove dust.

  1. Store Trees In Bags

You can store your tree in its original box, but the box will get split and rip over time. Instead, consider a thick bag such as the kind you use for garden rubble, and then some ties. This will also streamline the way you store the tree.

  1. Carefully Protect Ornaments

Ornaments are the most fragile of all Christmas decorations and it is heartbreaking when you open the box up in December only to find broken glass. To avoid that kind of damage you will need to take time and care packing your ornaments. Egg cartons are very handy for storing them, as are smaller boxes and sandwich bags. The trick is to stop them moving around, even if you wedge in some newspaper or plastic bags in the box to keep everything steady.

  1. Never Pack Christmas Lights When They Are Tangled

It can be tempting to take the lights off the tree (which can take a long time) and chuck them in a bag, but you’re only giving yourself a horrible job next year when you have to untangle them. You may also be putting away lights that are damaged that require repair or removal. The best thing to do is wrap the lights around something, whether that is a plastic container, or cardboard tube. Even a kitchen roll inner will do!

  1. Label Everything

It pays to label everything when you pack it away, so that you know where everything is and most importantly, how to put it all back together come Christmas the following year.

7. Pick The Right Storage Space

You could pack your decorations like a professional but it won’t make any difference if they are stored in the wrong place. A shed or a garage could be great, but if there is any damage, flooding or if a mouse or two take a liking to your decks, you’ll have a nasty surprise next winter. Instead, why not consider http://www.storing.com/. See their website for storage unit prices. Cheap self storage can not only house your decorations keeping them protected all year round, but it provides space for other seasonal items too, making more space in your home for the spring and summer months.