5 Top Tools for Optimizing Your Food Instagram

Instagram is a prime place for sharing all kinds of delicious recipes and meals with the world. There are seemingly endless food channels out there, though—so how do you distinguish yourself from the masses? How do you prove to people that your food is tastier and better-represented than anyone else’s? You do not have to flounder helplessly in the sea of Instagram. There are useful tools at your disposal, so here are a few that can help you in your quest to feed the social media landscape (Get it? Feed?).


If you are struggling to attract followers with consistent content, hashtags, and whatever other online tips you have read, why not partner with a professional agency that can help you out? Social Steeze, for instance, does not rely on fake accounts; instead, you hand over your channel to a growth expert who can handle everything while you focus on doing what you do best—make food.

Signing up is easy, and you can specify what kind of person you want your expert to target. Do you want your audience to consist of people from a particular area? Do you have any role models whose follower bases you hope to tap into? Is there anyone online you want to avoid? Social Steeze provides you with unprecedented growth and follower-targeting.

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People feel more comfortable doing something they see other people doing. If an internet user notices that an Instagram post has thousands of likes, they may take it as a sign that the source account regularly shares content that is equally intriguing, and are therefore more inclined to check it out. You do not have to purchase fake likes to trick people into thinking that your material is worth their attention with false likes, though. The Likesocial service sends you real followers, and you’ll appreciate having a follower “base” that helps your organic reach grow.


Because you cannot exactly give your followers a taste-test of your creations, you need to rely on visuals—which means that for food accounts, photography is everything. Meals may look less appetizing under the wrong light. To get the best colors, lighting, and effects, turn to Snapseed. It’s free for both iOS and Android. Snapseed enables you to enhance your pictures and even remove elements from them that you do not like. Think about your own habits as an Instagram user: do you follow food channels whose images are sub-par?

Instagram stories

Not every tool is an external one. Instagram hosts an abundance of features, but knowing how to use them practically is what will help you gain followers. If you want to let people know that you are active and post exciting material, look no further than Instagram stories.

With stories, you can post temporary pictures, videos, and text screens that display at the top of users’ feeds (some people watch these more often than they look at people’s posts. Not every piece of content is worth its own post, so a quick image that disappears after 24 hours—unless you mark it as a highlight—can keep your content frequent but prevent your feed from becoming overcrowded).

According to Olivia fromLiv for Cake, one of the best things she has done is:

“…posting my very first cake in IG stories. The cake and photo were terrible but got a ton of engagement. I often talk about various baking fails or issues in my photo captions. Sometimes I’ll just post a funny story in the caption and be like, oh BTW, here’s a new cake too. I feel like my audience appreciates the candor and sometimes craziness that happens in my life/kitchen and that just because the cake may look perfect now, it wasn’t a painless journey to get there.”

Instagram stories are your opportunity to be relatable. Show all the messes you make while creating your meals or treats. Show people what tricks you have up your sleeve—and if people want to see more, they’ll have no choice but to follow you.

Instagram Feed by 10WEB

If you have a WordPress website, one Instagram plugin you should put serious thought into using is Instagram Feed by 10WEB. This application allows you to connect your Instagram feed with your site so that it showcases everything in multiple places. You can even display a public feed of your choosing, so if you have followers sharing recipes with you by tagging them with a branded hashtag, you can proudly flaunt user-generated content.

Having both a website and social media accounts gives you more legitimacy. Connecting both platforms will also help followers (and potential ones) identify your brand from amongst other food channels out there.

Food is an integral part of life, so sharing your approach to it on Instagram is an excellent way to help people try new things (and simply appreciate yummy-looking dishes). What tools will you use to bring followers to your account?