Move On




Thoughts are weighing deep in my heart

Like a stage with a singer

Singing stinging songs…I feel heart-stung.

I should have known...

Or I think I should.

Pains, regrets and flashbacks,

My heart is on time-travel.

I wish my thoughts didn’t have travel tickets,

Or better still…

That the roads to the past were inaccessible …

…but I’m back there

Just a thought away...


Do you mean to tell me the years were wasted?

The dreams are gone in a flash!

They aren’t even the superhero.

The promises made..

Everything you told me are now but memories.


I’ve been hurt,

Times quite a few.

This seems to be capital intensive;

Its yielding so much pain.


I believed everything you said to me...

Gave you my trust as a gift

Made it easy; you didn’t even have to unwrap it.

Yet you patted me gently on the back... leaving a scar.


Who will hear my story?

Who would I talk to?

So hurting…

Even the ears that hear tingle.

I am left high and dry in a world of my own, with no more tears... because my tears are busy…crying.


Dear reader…

You may recognize yourself as you ponder these lines.

You may have been hurt and stuck in the pain...

The truth is this:

You have been hurt, It’s not about to change.


A hurting YOU cannot heal a hurting WORLD!

Don’t dwell in your past, refuse to make your past your most treasured possession.

Don't engrave the pains in your heart with your hands.

The world needs you, so


He who forgives is free to give

Let go!

Or you keep fighting jailbreaks which only lead to more heartbreaks.


Your smile is someone’s morning sun…

…and they won't awake till its bright enough.

You feel hurt because someone walked away..

Some others feel hurt because someone hasn’t arrived..


Brace up!!

Chin up!!!

Arrive in their world,

Mend their odds,

Give someone the opportunity to be glad that they met you.

The world is waiting!

Your world is waiting!

Move on! 




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