The Day God Died



That very day…….

The fronds of palm were taken and laid,

The trees were bare,

In came the Christ to the city,

[GOD] Riding on a donkey, brand new.

Choruses of songs

Hosanna! They cried aloud.

Hailing Him as a king,

But, to a war where [GOD] would be killed,

Skies blue,

Praises high,

But these were all but a joyous doom.


Soon it was night...

The soldiers came in with weapons,

To take the man who was hailed in the day.

Fleeing was an option, but love was the constraint.

Some others took the option,

But He yielded to the constraint.

He didn't have to,

He made himself want to.


Before the rulers he stood…..

Examined with questions and he chose to fail.

...Giving no answers to the questions,

Though he is omniscient; the eternal in knowledge.

Yet he shut his mouth,

So that mine would be opened in praise today.


He wasn't found guilty, yet was sentenced.

I was guilty,

But there was no sentence for me to take,

He took it all for me.


Delivered to the common man…

The scriptures declare: ‘’He cuts asunder the bars of iron’’,

Yet he was subjected to nails.

‘’Heaven is his throne and the earth his footstool’’,

Yet he was hung on the cross.

Clothed in ‘’glory….before the foundation of the world’’,

Yet his clothes were stripped off him,

And ‘’there was no beauty to behold in him’’,

He formed the world and sustains it without pillars,

By ‘’the word of his power’’,

Yet he was condemned by the words of men.


He was truly God and they didn't know it.

It would have been said that he was foolish,

Yet he thought it wisdom for me.

Gave up his glory and I became clothed in it.

Subjected himself to torture that I may have dominion.

My thoughts were in his heart,

He thought I was worth it.


He died...subjected himself to the shameful death

Oh! This was the day truly God died!

There were thundering but he didn't permit them to bring him down from the cross.

There was an earthquake, yet the cross stood up high.

There was total darkness,

Yet the angels didn't steal him away...

He completed it...yes he did!


He said it was finished and he died.

I'll never forget such a great price paid.

It was left to him to fix the price,

And he chose the highest he could afford.


And he died for me!

I'll never forget


I'm forever grateful.

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